Ampersand Study — an exploration of display ampersands based off of Helvetica bold. ---- I like the idea of using one object or concept and drawing it over and over.

Five Plus - Et pourquoi pas Coline ?

Five Plus

The creator of these logos has used a unique approach to typography. By playing with and arranging letters, very creative logos were formed. These simple, yet interesting logos are an example of the power that typography can have in design.

Vidéo d'animation en Draw my Life

100 Magnifiques visuels de typographie

This page, albeit in French, has 100 beautiful typography examples; the algorithmic-styled art is great.

Typographie #10 : Un caractère créatif ! | Blog du Webdesign

Typographie #10 : Un caractère créatif !

o) "type", "typography", "font" - textural. I bet this would be an awesome font to use for a tattoo but incredibly hard!

Typographie #5 : Objets créatifs ! | Blog du Webdesign

Typographie #5 : Objets créatifs !

Paper Typography, by Gina Hollingsworth A typeface created from a single sheet of paper, with only cuts and folds. The process used to create the alphabet involved.

50 typographies originales pour votre inspiration | Blog du Webdesign

50 typographies originales pour votre inspiration

Beautiful design - "Horse is a luxury magazine about art, fashion and travels. Various section covers for the magazine by Eren Saracevic. They misspelled "accessories". I haven't the heart to tell them.

Travail d'aiguilles - Evelin Kasikov

Travail d'aiguilles - Evelin Kasikov

CMYK embroidery - Evelin Kasikov – CMYK embroidery and Typographic Design – London

Nombre 20 cm. Numéro. Chiffre. Pochoir en vinyle adhésif. (ref 231-6)

Nombre 20 cm. Numéro. Chiffre. Pochoir en vinyle adhésif. (ref 231-6)

[Inspirations du Studio] - Création avec la lettre S

This os a very interesting way to put art in a letter. It caught my interest the instant I saw it. The Letter S by Janine Rewell — Agent Pekka