Top 10 Clean Eating Recipes. I would make the recipe shown in the picture again but omit the thyme and add a different seasoning.

20 Clean Eating Recipes - TOP 10 for 2014 & 2015 [Link for 2016 Recipes]

Mieux que des frites !! Couper des pommes de terre faire des entailles, badigeonner d'huile d'olive ou de beurre, saler et poivrer, cuire au four à 220° 40 minutes !!

Better than fries! Hasselback Potato Recipe - Potato Fans -> Cut potatoes almost all the way through, drizzle olive oil, butter, some sea salt, and pepper over top and bake @ 425 for 40 minutes.

farandole de mini-quiches pour l’apéro

OMELET MUFFINS: Simply spray the muffin pan, add in your favorite omelet mix ins and cover with scrambled eggs or egg whites. Options to try: - spinach and feta - salsa and cheddar - chicken and hot sauce - tomatoes and peppers

Roulés de poulet mozza, tomates séchées & basilic

Chicken roulade - filled with mozzarella, sun-dried tomato and basil

Saumon, chèvre, miel et moutarde au four

saumon chvre, miel et moutarde- salmon, goat cheese, & mustard

Verrine de poivron (qui en jette avec 4 fois rien) | Torchons & Serviettes

Verrine de poivron (VEGAN: substitute bacon to crispy tofu or polenta :)

Miam !

chicken yakisoba ½ green cabbage 1 yellow onion 2 carrots 1 broccoli 2 fresh ginger 1 large chicken breast 2 T vegetable oil 2 oz.) packages ramen noodles 1 t sesame oil (optional) ¼ c soy sauce ¼ c worcestershire 2 T ketchup sriracha hot sauce 1 T sugar

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