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The tattoos on the right side of my body are chrystanthemums. They were done by @steelhearttattoo , I kinda just told him what flower I wanted and he came up with this:) it was done over 4 sessions totaling to about 11.5 hours. Definitely the most painful tattoo to date (I have 3) and the largest one out of all them All my tattoos are of flowers and this time I specifically chose the Chrysanthemum due to its meaning, it's a flower that blooms only during autumn a time that is filled with…

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Not all bodies in yoga can do the same thing. Different bodies make for a different practice & it's important to recognize that. We all develop muscles differently, digest food differently, think, feel, love differently so why should all our practices be the same? If you constantly have sharp pain here or there, injuries, soreness etc then you need to ask yourself if the practice is serving you or hurting you, but at the same time recognise the difference between can't do and don't want to…

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