L'Anatomie poster designs

L'Anatomie poster designs for the first season of acts they are going to have playing. L'Anatomie focuses on house music and want to focus on music rather than the hype around it. There will be 4 seasons of posters.

Poster UNI Studio pour Blog Esprit Design Birthday

BED 7 ans aujourd'hui

Helmo, french design collective.

'''French festival poster: This striking poster is from Paris-based designers Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez who operate under the name Helmo.'' i just met clément today

Affiche Londres - ROAM by 42 Pressed - Visuel 1

Each map is designed with custom patterns and printed on bright white paper, colour letter pressed on an antique press, hand pulled and detailed with copper foil accents


modempunk: “featherfurl: “Blown by the wind. ” The Russians have been touchy about biodesign ever since they had to borrow Americans to help them with the biotic program back at Tslolkovsky Design Motion Graphic Design, Video Art and Cinema Graphic Design