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Drogon - Battle Of The Bastards Season 6 Episode 9

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Tyrion and Daenerys

Challenges dealing with massive web traffic spikes aren& confined to Game of Thrones. Budget, Census and Tax Time are now also in the prime time hot seat.

Les costumes reflètent l'évolution de chaque personnage.

Wouldn't it be utterly majestic to combine this lovely hairstyle Cersei wears with the violet red dress. Although - this dress is beautiful as well. It leaves me in doubt! If I would make the violet red dress, I would add the higher neckline for sure.

Les costumes reflètent l'évolution de chaque personnage.

It's no secret that the Game of Thrones costuming has changed TV forever — so much so that costume designer Michele Clapton has been nominated for an Emmy every year the show's been on air, and won twice.

The King in the North The baby that Lyanna Stark held in her arms as she lay dying in the Tower of Joy? That was Jon Snow. He’s not Ned Stark’s bastard. He’s Ned Stark’s nephew. The quick cut between that baby’s face and Kit Harington’s pout should put