Giuseppe Sanmartino.- Dead Christ Lying in the Shroud-Italy	1753 -	Sculptures and Carvings

Giuseppe Sanmartino - Cristo Velato (Veiled Christ)Maribeth and I saw this in Naples.

Johannes Vermeer, A Woman Asleep, 1657. ONE of my FAVOURITES. & it's not just because the artist's name is Johannes as well.

Johannes Vermeer A Girl Asleep 1657 Oil on canvas, × cm Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Le Talisman (1888) // Paul Sérusier // (Compagnon de voyage de Gauguin) (post impressionnisme)

Paul Sérusier, The Talisman/Le Talisman, 1888 Oil on wood (he is associated with Post-Impressionism, a pioneer of abstract art and an inspiration for the avant-garde Nabi movement, Synthetism and Cloisonnism.

Henri Rousseau, Le Douanier

Rain Forest - Amazon

"Joyeux farceurs", Henri-Julien-Félix Rousseau Philadelphia Museum of Art

La paresse : [estampe] / Félix Vallotton - 1896

Laziness by Felix Vallotton. Félix Edouard Vallotton (December 1865 – December was a Swiss painter and printmaker associated with Les Nabis. He was an important figure in the development of the modern woodcut.

Léon Spilliaert (Belgique, 1881-1946) – La Poursuite (1910)

Graphic Design and Illustration: Famous Artists (You've Probably Never Heard of) - Léon Spilliaert

Charlotte Perriand

Exposition : Charlotte Perriand au Petit Palais