Flower Fabric Lyli Rose

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a branch with pink flowers and pearls hanging from it's end, in front of a white wall
Fleur de cerisier en tissu
Fabrication à la main de fleurs de cerisier en tissu.
a bridal bouquet with white flowers and baby's breath on a wooden table
Bouquet de fleurs en tissu
Fleurs en tissu fabriquées à la main, bouquet de mariée sur mesure, inspiration bohème chic.
a bunch of white flowers sitting on top of a lace covered table cloth next to scissors
Flower texture
Fleurs en tissu artisanales, créations sur mesure.
flowers are arranged in vases on a wooden shelf next to an empty basket and dried grass
Fleurs sur tige en tissu
Fabrication artisanale de fleurs individuelles en tissu.
white flowers and green leaves are arranged on a table with beads, pearls, and laces
Flower texture
Fleurs eternelles en tissu
a basket filled with white flowers next to a bouquet of red and pink flowers on top of a wooden table
Pétales en tissu
Fleurs fabriquées à la main en tissu
a woman holding a bouquet of flowers in her hand and wearing a white lace dress
Bouquets de fleurs en tissu
Fabrication artisanale de bouquets éternels en tissu. Création sur mesure.
white flowers and greenery are arranged in a circle on a white surface with green leaves
Flower texture