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Luke Hemmings May 5th 2017

[Open]: Luke and his sister both went their sperate ways. Like always, he grabbed a drink and went to find some friends. He looked around, while taking a sip of his beer, and saw you. He smiled over at you and walked to you.

ArtStation - Burning, Bruner Cavalcanti

ArtStation - Burning, Bruner Cavalcanti

Cause Of Death: The Last Of Us Part Two

Im so happy he taught her how to play the guitar. Did he taught her how to swim too?

SPOILERS Last of Us: Sunshine by on @deviantART

Kinda like Ty leaving huh that is impressive something we both like they look in love he looks depressed I'm the depressed lover he's the dead girl and we loved playing video games together well then

even though she was mean and sort of a bitch i actually found her very strong for being a "survivor" always doing what necessary and not feeling anything when she needs too

Tess had to be one of my few favorite characters in the last of us. Sure, she was bossy and a little rude but she was so strong and good hearted in her own way. She sacrificed all she had left for Joel and Ellie.