Dark Roasted Blend: Rare & Wonderful 1950s Space Art

Cover illustration by Lou Cameron for the 1951 issue “Classics Illustrated: The Time Machine”

piedra papel o tijera

rock paper scissors - I don't know why the made me laugh! THIS is how paper beats rock!


"Cars and Films" poster series by Jesús Prudencio. Guess you on all cars the movies? Very cool poster! All Images © Jesús Prudencio via

サガキケイタ OfficialSite - Sagaki Keita

Tiny Doodles Collectively Form Larger Cultural Illustrations - My Modern Metropolis

Butcher Billy's American Psychos Bloody Project

In the American Psychos Bloody Project, Brazilian artist Butcher Billy reimagines a series of pop culture icons with the screaming face of Patrick Bateman

Dancing Plague

Brazilian artist Niege Borges mapped out the dance moves of Monty Python's Fish Slapping dance.