When you need to tell someone off...

french is seriously the prettiest language. if someone said any of this things to me, i wouldn't even be mad. maybe one day i'll learn french sigh

A joke in French :D - une blague

A joke in French :D - une blague française ("It seems like the victim was cut in pieces." "Uh, it's over here, Sargent.


Ici pas le WiFi : Parlez entre vous No WiFi here : Talk to each other.


épinglé par ❃❀CM❁✿"When mommy is tired, why am I the one who has to go to bed?


The Grandchildren Were Here quotes quote family quote family quotes funny quotes grandparents humor grandma grandmom grandchildren! My kids so do this!

Is that the future of communication?

Funny pictures about Meaningful communication. Oh, and cool pics about Meaningful communication. Also, Meaningful communication.


In the old days, students when to school with an apple, nowadays things haven't changed, except the price of the apple.


"First of all, turn the computer on" [in French, that same word means "put it on fire"] "Ok, done." Funny joke in french