Mise en page, magazine graphique, gaspillage alimentaire, la problèmatique, graphisme, typographie

Graphic design and photography for a magazine dealing with the topic of food waste in an aesthetic way.

Salle des machines | Mise en page - | http://salledesmachines.fr:

Mise en page

We used to make books in my Fundamentals of Graphic Design class. One of my favorite assignments.

Biennale Musique En Scéne 2012, Les Graphiquants

I like how they have the bright blue of the one side of the page and they carry it out with just some letters on the right side of the page.

Swedish Design Swedish graphic designer Oda Haugerud creates beautifully simple and carefully considered printed matter, combining analogue and digital techniques.

©les graphiquants - Biennale Musique en Scène - Édition 2016 - Identité - 2016…

Visual identity of the 2016 Biennale Musiques en Scène Lyon, France: conception of the catalog and all the communication medium.