Coolest Architectural Movie Houses Illustrated

© Henri Cartier-Bresson

CANNES, France—Jacques Tati and Alain Bercourt walk toward the Hotel Carlton, which bears a poster for Tati’s Mon Oncle, playing at the Cannes Film Festival, © Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum Photos Mais

Jacques Tati in NY

Le Ridicule ne tue pas :) (Jacques Tati in NY)--he had a certain Peter Sellers comedic air.

Le genial Jacques TATI alias Mr Hulot

Monsieur Hulot is a character created and played by French comic Jacques Tati for a series of films in the and

Tati forever

Mon Oncle Jacques Tati) for the Silver Screen Society project. from Ryan Chapman

¤ Hungarian poster for Les vacances de Mr HULOT (Jacques Tati, France, 1953) Designer: Balogh Istvan. Poster source: The Hulot Universe

«Hungarian poster for “Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday”: Jacques Tati, France Balogh Istvan, designer