Ballet Photography

Ballet & Dance photography by Magdalena Martin
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Dancer: Madelynn Hampton


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a person standing in front of a subway train with a giant banana shaped bag on their back
Woman riding the Chicago L
Cello love. by amalia
a black and white photo of a person holding a violin
The Cello Player
I did this drawing quite a long time ago, back in 2009 to be exact, and I had every intention of turning into a painting…. And finally I have! It’s a bit of a funny story really. I have…
two hands making a heart shape with their fingers in black and white photo taken from below
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Cello Heart, thinking of making this into a tat
a man sitting on the steps with an accordion in front of his face and hands
This Insignificant Life
I love French accordion music! I was awesome at lessons unfortunately I wasn't the one taking themLOL
a woman is dancing in front of the eiffel tower with her colorful dress
Euro Pride
Europride, Euro pride, Pride in Paris, Pride, Happy Pride, Ballerina in Paris, ballet photography, Eiffel Tower, Eiffel Pride, Paris Pride, Europride 2020, rainbow dress,
black and white photograph of a woman in ballet attire bending over with her feet on the ground
Black tutu
Ballet photography, black tutu, ballerina,
a woman in high heels laying on top of a bed
Pointe shoes
pointe shoes, ballet photographer,
a woman in a pink dress is standing by some pillars and holding her arms out
Ballerina in pink dress
Ballerina in pink dress, pointe shoes, dancing at the Louvre museum, ballerina in Paris, ballet photographer,
a woman in a pink dress leaning against a wall
Sleeping Beauty
ballerina in pink dress, sleeping ballerina, dreamy, pointe shoes,
a woman in a wedding dress tying her shoes
Ballerina in a weddingdress
Ballerina in a weddingdress, pointe shoes, weddingdress,
a ballerina's feet are seen through the veil of her dress while she is wearing ballet shoes
Pointe shoes and weddingdress
Pointe shoes and weddingdress, pointe shoes, ballet feet, weddingdress