More ideas from Mary
Patron avant découpe

Cardboard chest plate which will be good to collect ideas for film making or shows. This could be spray painted or use modrock to makr it more hardr and last longer.

Globe de neige                                                                                                                                                     Plus

Homemade snow globes- grab a jar and super glue an object to the lid (the inside part) then fill the jar up with water, put some glitter in it, and screw the lid on. Flip it over so that the lid is on the bottom, and there you have your snow globe!

* idées de recup avec assiettes en carton...etc

Cut 2 paper plates into 3 triangular pieces and paint green. Paint a paper towel roll brown. Cut slits in it about of the way up on one end. Spread and tape to another paper plate. Glue tree pieces together and decorate with button,gems,sequins or pape