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House Beautiful: A Dash of Pink April 29, 2016

DIY Glitter Magnets - they look so pretty! Show your kids this one!

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beatuiful how to glittered flat marbles made into magnets, but could be used for jewelry. large and fine glitters, and can mix and match to get lovely combinations.

DIY Green Apple Bath Bombs // Bath Fizzes // Crafts //Homemade Natural Bath Bombs // Natural Bath Products

DIY Green Apple Bath Bombs

Since fall is here and it’s apple picking season, we thought it would be fun to make some DIY green apple bath bombs to enjoy while soaking in a warm bath!

Méchant Studio Blog: impressionen


Candle holder is a gadget utilized to hold a candle light in position. Now, you can make your own DIY candle holders.

Si vous avez de la vieille vaisselle Duralex de chez votre garnd-mère, surtout, ne la jetez pas ! Le potentiel déco et vintage ne demande qu'à être révélé...

DIY, moderniser de la vaisselle Duralex

Create Soap That Looks Like Crystals

Learn how to make beautiful and magical soaps at home!


DIY Rock Candy (+ A Giveaway!) (Studio DIY)

Anne Ten Donkelaar, Flower construction

Anne Ten Donkelaar, encore...

Wildly Obsessed The magically inventive ‘Flower Constructions’ of Anne Ten Donkelaar first caught my eye in some stream of images online with flowers in art. But when I had a moment to delve deeper.

DIY Terrazzo Chocolate Bars

DIY Terrazzo Chocolate Bars

idée comment fabriquer une pinata géante, pain de mie avec décoration multicolore

Fabriquer une pinata - plus de 80 projets sympas à réaliser soi-même

un tuto pour réaliser son premier tissage. (Morganours)

un tuto pour réaliser son premier tissage

un tuto pour réaliser son premier tissage. (Morganours)