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a table and chairs in front of a balcony with palm trees on the other side
Maison Kennedy
NP2F — Maison Kennedy
the building is next to the ocean and it looks like something from another world
Architecture : 10 destinations incontournables
an old building with ivy growing on it's walls and steps leading up to the entrance
two people sitting at a bar in front of large windows with barstools and stools
Современный бар и ресторан Holy Fox в центре Москвы — HQROOM
O moderno bar e restaurante Santo Fox no centro de Moscovo - HQROOM
an empty room with many windows and a cell phone on the floor in front of it
Maison de Verre 1932 / Pierre Chareau
Maison de Verre 1932, Pierre Chareau
an empty room with some stairs in it
Archillect on Twitter
@archillect :
an unusual building made out of bricks in the middle of a street with people walking by
Art Nouveau, Belgium
there are four clocks on the wall in this hallway, each with different colors and shapes
Villa Maria - Circles - 1981 | Montreal Metro
a large mirrored building sitting on top of a grass covered field
Non Program Pavillon / Jesús Torres García Architects | AA13 – blog – Inspiration – Design – Architecture – Photographie – Art
Non Program Pavillon / Jesús Torres García Architects
the side of a building that has a window and a metal roof on top of it
the poetry of material things
Maybe I'm slumming it, but I love me some OSB. Home Décor, Interiors, Apartment Therapy, Home, Japanese Inspired Home, House Interior, Simple House
Marie Claire Maison
Maybe I'm slumming it, but I love me some OSB.