Sapins feuilletés Plus

'tree' stick into a biscuit cube (with pre-baked skewer hole). Weigh down with marzipan/strong icing and stick to serving tray (or they could be stuck in creatively covered foam bases).

Feuilletés pour l'apéritif à garnir selon l'inspiration, idée de présentation

Spinach, Artichoke and Feta Bites

Spinach, Artichoke Appetizers - Need a fun vegetarian app for your party platters? These creamy, cheesy treats are sure to please veggie-lovers and meat-eaters alike!

Panier olive/tomate


Bouchées ricotta épinards

Spinach & Ricotta Puffs

Cheese & Ricotta Puffs - a cute twist on the usual pockets, made in a muffin tin! Imagine made with Apple pie mix or pumpkin pie mix for thanksgiving finger food.

68 idées d'amuses-bouches pour impressionner vos invités à l'apéro

Mini Bites + Party Food Recipes Mini Bites + Party Food Recipes Mini-Burgers- Party Food Recipes and Mini Bites, Best Party Appetizers

Gâteau de fête

Mosques, bangles, floral patterns popular choices for Eid cakes.

recettes sucrées de "oum walid"

recettes sucrées de "oum walid"

Gâteau 3D, l'armoire de la mariée

Wedding Gown Cake, probably more of a bridal shower cake than a wedding cake, but too incredible not to include here. And, I like the wedding dress design, too!

11044510_792765847475395_6916977782538741003_o.jpg (1280×960)

11044510_792765847475395_6916977782538741003_o.jpg (1280×960)