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an orange and white room with chairs, tables and lamps hanging from the ceiling above
Papier Peint Nº499: Papel pintado - Groovy Waves Wellpapers
Inspirado en el ambiente pop de los años 60 y 70, este diseño transformará cualquier habitación en un espacio rebosante de energía y originalidad. Es groovy, es trendy, ¡es para tu casa!
a living room filled with furniture and a piano
TEN87 Studios - The Club - £100.00 | mushRoom
On the sacred grounds of a once legendary underground venue, now stands a world-class tracking facility. Within its cutting edge design, you'll find our new live room, complete with high ceilings, precise acoustics, a wealth of instruments including a Yamaha C3 Grand and Fender Rhodes Piano, and space for a 10 piece ensemble. At the heart of the large-scale control room, sits a vintage SSL6032E fully loaded with the legendary 232 (Pulteg) EQ, complete with automation and recall. We have custo
a room with guitars hanging on the wall and a couch in front of it,
Pirate Toronto’s Audio Escape
Hanging Guitars... we have our guitars ascending on the wall over the stair case :)