Toasts de Noël étoilés au saumon, au parmesan et au jambon maigre

Raspberry and nougat mousse on a pistachio financier. A beautiful Buche de Noel for warmer climate Christmas dinners!

Bûche de Noël chocolat-mascarpone

Bûche de Noël, chocolat-mascarpone / Chocolate and mascarpone yule log

Pâte d’amande maison

Je la fais moi-même depuis 2-3 ans : simple et meilleur que celle achetée ! Pâte d'amande maison

Planning a holiday meal, but money is tight? Here's 10 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Meals by thinking creatively and taking a different approach to planning and shopping.

Bûche de Noël légère framboises amandes

Recette de Noël : Bûche de Noël glacée

Beignets à la banane

Brazilian Fried Banana Fritters - Yes, please. Looks like a nice way to use up bananas before they go bad.

50 recettes pour un réveillon ultra festif

A gluten free yule log recipe that will surely have your guests ooing and awing. It's easy to make since you steam the cake so that no ends are stiff.