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Citation - Jacques Prévert

I've recognised happiness by the sound it made when it left - Jacques Prévert, French poet

TEXTE Tu n'es plus là où tu étais, mais tu es partout là où je suis. Victor Hugo

You're not where you were anymore, but you're everywhere I am - Victor Hugo, French poet

Always buy the shoes

Life is short buy the Shoes. I live by this motto. And not just for shoes.

Vintage green and white wedding ideas | Photo by Your Wedding Project | Read more -

Stunning wedding banner for a Vintage green and white wedding - "Love is old, Love is new, Love is all, Love is you.

The Army has my Soldier But I have His Heart by WireNWhimsy, $33.00  Soo cute!

The Army has my Soldier, But I have His Heart Necklace

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