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11 livres pour enfants porteurs de valeurs humanistes

13 albums jeunesse porteurs de valeurs humanistes

Sélection d'albums jeunesse porteurs de valeurs humanistes : amour, partage, optimisme, émerveillement, tolérance. La littérature est une école de vie.

Une douzaine de livres Anti-colères

Aider les enfants face à la colère : des livres et des astuces

12 livres et quelques astuces pour accompagner nos élèves / enfants face à la colère ... Pour les aider à la reconnaître et tenter de la maîtriser. Les livres anti-colère Les colères -...

Methode d'écriture adaptée à l'enfant porteur de Trisomie 21.

Reading and Writing Tips for Children with Down Syndrome

Some ideas to help your child with their writing skills.

21 mars 2014, journée mondiale de la Trisomie 21.  Une infographie à partager !

Infographie trisomie 21 journée mondiale 21 mars

A l'occasion de la journée mondiale de la Trisomie 21, le 21 mars 2015, nous avons réalisé une infographie pour mieux comprendre les caractéristiques de cette anomalie génétique.

The Upside of Down Syndrome.  (Photo in book 'De Upside van Down' of Eva Snoijink)

Mevrouw Fluitekruidje Fotografeert

Mevrouw Fluitekruidje fotografeert Hip, Puur, Buik, Fris, Down, Stoer

14 livres sur le droit à l'erreur, la confiance en soi, la timidité...

16 livres sur la confiance en soi, le droit à l'erreur, la timidité...

A lire à la maison , pour en parler tranquillement avec papa ou maman. Ou alors en classe , pour tous (sans nommer personne). Ça permet ensuite de faire verbaliser ceux qui le souhaitent (sous...

October is also Down Syndrome Awareness Month!  Syndrome Babies, Mom jewelry, ApplesofGold.com

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Jewelry to Celebrate Precious Little Lives

You might know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but did you know that it's also Down Syndrome Awareness Month? Whether choose to honor a special

Yoga for the Special Child: A Therapeutic Approach for Infants and Children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Learning Disabi

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Here are 3 activities we do at home to promote and help our daughter, Hazel, develop her speech. She has Down syndrome.

3 Speech Therapy Activities - Down Syndrome

One of the therapies we do with Hazel is Speech Therapy. Sometimes children with Down syndrome experience challenges with their speech development. In order for us to help Hazel to be prepared to face these challenges, early intervention with speech therapy has been our biggest tool. Down

Introduce colors to your blind child with this fun game that incorporates tactile objects, braille and social play!

Tactile and Accessible Color Wheel Game for Blind Kids - Great Expectations

Introduce colors to your blind child with this fun game that incorporates tactile objects, braille and social play!

Training the oral motor muscles with Lip Bloks

Training the Oral Musculature with Lip Bloks

Question: I have a 2 year old patient (12-14 month old skill level) who has significant tongue protrusion when attempting to drink out of a cup. I bought some lip blocks for her to use. She does great with the blue lip block, but has not transitioned to turquoise. Is there a recommended frequency of use for the lip blocks (how much time per day) or an expected duration of time that a child may be expected to spend on one block before transitioning to a shorter one?

how to learn straw sucking baby down syndrome

How My Child With Down Syndrome Learned To Drink From A Straw Cup

It's important for your child to learn how to drink from a straw. Here's a few tips on how to help your child learn to drink from a straw!

21 Children's Books to Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

Disney Family | Recipes, Crafts and Activities

Educate your kids about Down Syndrome with these easy-to-read books.

Exercises for Down Syndrome Babies

10 Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises to Prime You for Your Workout | Livestrong.com

The warm up is a commonly skipped part of everyone's workout routine but one of the most important. Warm up properly in order to get all the benefits of your workout!