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Le regard de Chaunu sur Aylan
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Vincent Cressard sur Twitter : "L'émouvant hommage du dessinateur Emmanuel Chaunu en Une de Ouest-France. / #jesuisCharlie" - Pin Buzz
Emmanuel Chaunu - France
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Cartooning for Peace
CHAUNU Newspaper cartoonist and caricaturist, Emmanuel Chaunu has been sketching the news since 1986. He publishes every day in Ouest-France and his cartoons also appear in Dimanche Ouest-France, L’Union de Reims, La Voix du Luxembourg, France Catholique, etc.. He draws on live television for France 3 Normandy and performs regularly in public. Each year he puts his pen to good use for Human Rights, by illustrating the International Competition for Defence Pleas from the Caen Memorial.