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Stuff I wish my boyfriend would wear (30 photos)


RayBan sunglasses outlet ,deep discount , top quality,always perfect with any simple outfit you get these ,you will never go out of style

Men's casual

Sunglasses, watch and loafers, perfect combo! (Trousers should be always rolled up when sporting loafers/ moccasins/ driver with no socks) I love guys with a cool style


Stuff I wish my boyfriend would wear (28 photos)


window-pane pattern suiting - love the complete look - suit, shirt, sunglasses, hair and beard.


Finn Brock Rocks Chic Men's Hair Updos for QVEST Shoot

Finn Brock Rocks Chic Mens Hair Updos for QVEST Shoot<<'Men's Updo' should not be a phrase.

What's better than a white tee? A white tee that is the perfect fit to your body! Make your clothes fit you and not the other way around!

Retro-Modern Menswear Shoots - The Jon Kortajarena GQ France Editorial is Sharply Dressed (GALLERY)

Retro-Modern Menswear Shoots


Brazilian stunner Daniel K. builds up his portfolio with a beautifully captured seaside session from photographer Igor Palhares. Daniel's mother agency is INDEX Management and he is in London right now.