How Joyful | Desk chair transformation

Tutorial that shows how to transform old desk chairs into adorable ones like you see here. And I LOVE this green polka-dotted one. ♥ Guess who's taking their desk chair to college with them now?

pretty flower diy

pretty flower diy : You can put them in two layers using a slightly smaller circle for the top layer petals and it's really cute to use two different patterns and cover the button in fabric used in your bow. ok, i will try it as a gift for a little girl.

She Cuts Off The Leg Of An Old Pair Of Jeans. What She Makes Is Just Too Cute!

Jackson would love this!

Toy Felt Band Aid Kit with Hearts and Bag - Play Doctor Set - Could use band-aids for quiet book page

super idee

Sweat cuff > >Alter colours to suit the recipient. lining, rib knit & a less obvious pull tab for the invisible zipper (re safety reasons )

Pochette à mouchoirs

My French is lousy but, let me guess -- it's a kleenex holder! Pochette à…