Ma première Communion 2020

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a table topped with gold plates and condiments
Assiette 23 cm ronde Gold x6
gold cups with straws in front of a blue wall decorated with white snowflakes
Gobelets or métallique x6
a table topped with gold plates and condiments
Assiette 18 cm ronde Gold x6
a white balloon with a gold design on it
Ballon communion et baptême or
a piece of paper with the word community hanging from a string on a white wall
Guirlande fanions Communion Kraft
three white boxes with gold foil birds on them sitting on a bed in front of a clock
paper fans with gold crosses and doves are on the table next to each other
Big Cake toppers Béni du ciel
there are many vases with flowers on the table
Bougie conique blanche mate x10
some white paper with gold foil on it next to other decorations and items that include feathers
Serviette ma première communion
balloons and streamers decorate the backdrop for a baby's first birthday party
Ballon Colombe blanche
Jewellery, Diy, Jewelry, Necklace, Gold Necklace
Guirlande miroir Colombes or
there is a cake with gold decorations on it and birds around the cake topper
Cake toppers Béni du ciel