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High Trestle Trail Bridge, Madrid, Iowa designed by artist David B. Dahlquist of RDG Dahlquist Art Studio - Awesome design!

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Zaha Hadid-Tower Hill-London, i like her pieces because they're very visual and unique and there is a lot to look at but at the same time they have been made in a simple way, i like how the light bounces off of the crystals to create that rainbow effect

L’art en pleine nature : Teshima Art Museum, Rei Nato.

L’art en pleine nature

CTC Step 1 Dede "What is it you want to know?" Dede asks bluntly. And then because the question does seem to rudely call the woman to account for herself, she adds, "because there is so much to tell." This show how Dede is self conscience of the w

City Pattern n°3 ____ [escalier] [monter] [grimper] [échelonner] [colimaçon] [hélicoïdale] [escargot] [coquille] [coquillage] [protection] [maison] [solidité] [marches] [portions] [fractions] [éclats] [haut/bas] [passage] [voies] ____ (Stairs  infinity by Gabi Helfert)

Infinity is an installation from the recent Dutchville exhibition at the Netherlands Architecture Institute. Photo by Gabi Helfert

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Psycho Buildings at the Hayward gallery in London: Atelier Bow-Wow, Life Tunnel, 2008

Teshima Art Musuem, Seto Inland Sea, Japan

Teshima Art Museum

ryue nishizawa & rei naito, teshima art museum: "at 25 cm thick, the white concrete pod shell is devoid of any pillars or visible structural aid.

Life Tunnel by Atelier Bow Wow

Edge Of The Plank: Life Tunnel by Atelier Bow Wow at the Hayward Gallery 2008

Escalier dans le musée gallo-romain de Lyon-Fourvière

Le musée gallo-romain de Lyon, en osmose avec le site archéologique

Nouveaux paysages réfléchis par Victoria Siemer

Nouveaux paysages réfléchis par Victoria Siemer

Uniting the creative visions of artist Rei Naito and architect Ryue Nishizawa, Teshima Art Museum stands on a hill on the island of Teshima overlooking the Inland Sea.

Black & White with Red

-This picture of the staircase has balance between the red on the ceiling and the black stairs themselves The Role Of Colors In Interior Design in Architecture & Interior design