For those who don't understand is rock and paper where friends so paper hugged rock until scissors killed/cut paper, rock killed/smashed scissors for revenge

We've all done this #reading #books #funny

A familiar dilemma for readers.>> this is why i read multiple books at a time, when one finishes, i just pick up another one i started! No moral conflict >> I finish things really quickly

Margaux Motin

"le coeur d'une mère est un vase profond, au fond duquel repose le pardon" (et solide en prime, le vase)

Pénélope Bagieu

Ma vie est tout à fait fascinante: I'm a little pea, I love the sky and the trees

HJ-Story :: SMS - image 1

I make sure to have my phone right next to me so I don’t miss a call or message. Gives me a smile each time and a nice good sleep.

Lise Desportes

c'est exactement moi il y a deux semaines et encore aujourd'hui !