La piscine aux Fées, Ecosse

© Sergio Del Rosso Photography/Getty Images Fairy Pools, Scotland Stroll to the rushing waters of Scotland's famous fairy pools


Bed & Breakfast on Lake Loch Ness, Scotland. I've always wanted to go there! Not necessarily to this bed and breakfast, though it is adorable, but to Lake Loch Ness.

Edimbourg Écosse

Dusk, Edinburgh, Scotland The favorite and most magical place i've traveled to thus far.

Roadtrip en Ecosse : mon guide pratique pour un voyage de 8 jours #roadtrip #ecosse

Road trip en Ecosse : parcours détaillé et conseils pratiques

Cameron Highlands, Scotland

Cameron Highlands MALAYSIA (by Simon_Long) I, too, posted this under Scotland ~ but, it is in fact from MALAYSIA ~ Thanks to a wonderful woman from Scotland and I moved it off my Scotland board.

L'Ecosse ou le lieu le plus magique du monde

Eilean Donan Castle sits at the point where three Scottish Lochs Meet, Scotland's Most Romantic Castle. In a superbly beautiful and romantic setting, Eilean Donan Castle possesses a dream like quality.

Ile de Skye, Ecosse

The Storr, Scotland Highlands, Isle of Skye. The tallest peak there is called the Old Man of Storr. It is a great landmark, if one needs one on that enchanted isle.

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