Harmonie et Intérieur. Palette de couleurs pour le salon. Inspiration Printemps Pastel. http://fr.pinterest.com/LaBelleEchappee/

Pulling together Dining / Living Room colours. Canvases onto wall in Dining Room little & big - above sofa?) Rug in Living Room Thinking different geometric patterns.

Bee Pollen

Beepollen Bees collect pollen is small baskets on their hind legs when they settle on flowers. They dampen the pollen with the flower’s nectar so they can

pot miel                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Pot de miel par Gibbs Honey

Works Design Group takes a close look at 5 bottle package designs from the food and beverage world. These designs are incredibly unique and engaging, while conveying a premium feel with minimalist typography, color and design.