On pige une activité d'une minute à faire pour se dégourdir les jambes ou faire un pause...

One minute activities to get the kids' blood pumping and to break up seatwork time. Say "activity time" choose a stick and set the timer.

Story Bags- Put random stuff in each bag and have them make up and write a story based on what is in the bag. Great for fictional writing.

Creative Writing Story Bags - put a few random items in a paper bag, and kids can write creative stories about them!

Been trying to figure out ways to enforce Ser!Even though this is in French, the idea is applicable to a Spanish classroom. It could be a class activity to enforce their use of the Spanish verb "Ser" or "to be".

Do you want to teach french to your child in a fun way? Here is the list of interesting french games for kids that can make him fall in love with the language. Read on

10 Interesting French Games And Activities For Kids

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