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Protect the daughter!

Oh my gosh! This is hilarious for all Thor/Chris Hemsworth fans can understand . :D If he be worthy, he shall possess the blessing of Thor. hahahaha I really hope this happens. This would be the greatest thing ever.not for his daughter.

Wanda and Pietro

Just one mistake is all it will take. We’ll go down in history. Remember me for c e n t u r i e s. The Maximoff twins Wanda and Pietro

This made me tear up

A father and mother kissing their dying little girl goodbye. If you are wondering why all the medic people are bowing: in less than an hour, two small children in the next room are able to live thanks to the little girl's kidney and liver. So sad:(

Faith In Humanity Restored

Faith In Humanity Restored – 20 Pics<< seems like something Adam and Caleb would do. Maybe for the butterfly that was swatted away from the crime scene.

Faith In Humanity Restored – 24 Pics

This is a pic of Luke Rowles when he was He saw a group of men in a garden, kicking and beating this poor fox whose mouth had been sealed shut with duct tape. Lucas went straight to them without regard to his own safety, he shouted at the men and grabb

Repin if your heart goes out to this little girl.

This is just so sweet. I cried thinking that that little girl won't have her daddy at her real wedding. I couldn't imagine a life without my dad. It makes me sad so I'm proud of that girl for trying to stay strong.