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Typographie #5 : Objets créatifs !

Open Innovation / Herramientas para la Competitividad by Koke Romero. Nail & string art is not necessarily "new" but the dedication it requires is always impressive.

SLG-1  http://collectiftextile.com/?p=7278

Pae White

Californian artist Pae White at Peckham’s South London Gallery with an installation made up of a 48 kilometre network of threads. Typography where art and design cross over to create typographic art installation

"3D Typography", une jolie série de lettrages 3D du graphic designer anglais Lex Wilson, basé à Londres et passionné de typographie, qui s'amuse ici avec l

3D Typography – Les jolis lettrages 3D de Lex Wilson

This is great design. Creating the illusion of depth is not easy. Incredible Typography Sketches by Lex Wilson

Studio MaricorMaricar - MaterialEdge - Lettres brodées

Nouvelles typographies à broder

Typographie originale print  villes Vertical 2e par allisonrae

allisonrae on Etsy - Original letterpress print - Vertical Cities (revised edition)

Typographie inspiration

Plus, I love the book "Each Peach Pear Plum" by the Ahlbergs. Plus I love pears. This pear is by Sarah A.

Le Pyromane by Ali Cherri

Ali Cherri - Le Pyromane “ Ali Cherri made Le Pyromane as a response to the act of self-immolation (setting yourself on fire) as political protest. The artwork spells out ‘I am not a pyromaniac’ using.