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one with the music

Play fiddle play,all day long I hear you screaming at me, way far away in the yard. I wrote this song with a vamp in the middle, and I knew when I wrote it it was written for the fiddle. - Johnny Hartford-----Such Passion In a single photo.

Sunshine On My Mind by Amamak Photography

'Mixed Project' is a beautiful and romantic project by Amamak photography, manipulating images to become scenes and portraits in double-exposure.

Poulpe. (j'ai hésité à le poster dans Miam.) (vive la Galice !)

Octopus an amazing creature - love the Striking Colour close-up of the suckers on the tentacles

old fashion girl with a gun. no crossing that one.

They say that out in the east the thing women learned was manners and charm. In the west that wasn't necessary lol Cowgirls & Western Chic

Les photographes Pierre Javelle et Akiko viennent de terminer cette série miniature intitulée MINIMIAM.

"How Grapes Are Made" by Minimiam, the artistic collaboration between Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle. Minimiam imagines tiny worlds in every bite of food, populated by miniature residents. First seen on AnOther Magazine.

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