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How to Easily Build an Amazing Author Website
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Stop Avoiding TikTok, Your Book Will Thank You Later | Business Resources | Business Tips
TikTok is ever-changing and the content is always growing. Users make fifteen second to about one minute videos based on the genre of whatever they’re interested in. It could be a video about how to cook a certain meal, someone lip syncing a song, or if you’re like me, a video talking about books and writing! Then, just like any other social media site, people can view your content and like, comment, or share it. Is it helpful for writers? The short answer is: yes!
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TikTok Content Ideas
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What Authors Can Share on Social Media Before Your Book is Written
I'll show you how authors can save a ton of time scheduling posts on social media all while growing your audience and seeing bigger results. Book marketing strategies, book marketing tips, social media tips for authors, author marketing, book marketing ideas, social media strategies for authors, book publishing, creating content for authors
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19 Ways to Promote Your Book on TikTok
TikTok book marketing ideas for authors
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how to use tiktok as a writer
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Top TikTok Video Ideas for Authors | TikTok Inspiration for Published and Aspiring Fiction Authors
Considering its viral popularity, it goes without saying that TikTok is one of your best options for connecting with your target audience digitally. Did you know 84% of buyers make a purchase by watching a promotional video online? Video content is HUGE for your author brand, and TikTok is the best place to start with creating video content that is educational, entertaining, and attractive for your readers. TikTok content is also extremely easy to share and repurpose for Reels.
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Top TikTok Video Ideas for Authors | TikTok Inspiration for Published and Aspiring Fiction Authors