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Me:*remembers Jasper’s corruption,lays down and starts sobbing violently without stopping*

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Funded by Patreon Thank you for your support on this everyone! I’m especially happy with the clothes on this one. I also wanted to put in her bear in the back ground, but I could tell there j...

Adventuring is Magic! Applejack the Warrior.Ever since I started this project, I was unsure of how to handle Applejack. There were a ton of idea and suggestions, but nothing ever quite clicked.

Adventuring is Magic: Twilight Sparkle by Ambris on DeviantArt

Adventuring is Magic: Twilight Sparkle is completed! Project funded by Patreon. Adventuring is Magic: Twilight Sparkle

Project funded by Patreon The first of many in my “Adventuring is Magic” series! This was a fun bit of world building, and I really enjoyed this kind of character design. Look forward t...

Adventuring is Magic; Rainbow Dash is complete!I felt the light-and-fast style of a scout fit Dash well. Adventuring is Magic: Rainbow Dash

ambris: “ Adventuring is Magic: Maud Pie “ Maud Pie is a Geomancer. Though Earth-Ponies are incapable of channeling mana into practical magic unaided, Maud relies on an artifact called “The Mantle of.