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Food Art DIY – Watermelon Barbecue Grill

Fish-shaped Dumpling


Как лепить манты - рыбка - jolis petits poissons avec une farce à base de poisson

Perfect for a beach party! (or pool!)

Awesome easy shark to make out of a watermelon, jello, and swedish fish! So cute for a pool party. Shark is swimming in blue water (jello)

OK - I pinned this because I think it's cute - You guys don't need to take up carving!! Food art amyjayne10 ~ Too cute to eat, great idea for a Hawaiian party centerpiece.

Tropical or Hawaiian party fruit centerpiece, fish from oranges and grapefruit. A cute party food idea.


75 Awesome Watermelon Carvings

Carving food is fun! We’ve carved a rose from a tomato and made a simple punch bowl from a watermelon. Of all fruits, watermelon is the easiest to carve. Here are some amusing edible crafts m…


How to Carve a Smile on a Watermelon. A watermelon basket, filled with various fresh melon balls, always brings a smile to those who see it. This watermelon is smiling right back at them. Watermelon is a healthy fruit and a welcome.

Lemon fish and carrots

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