Marc Riboud : Le Peintre de la Tour Eiffel / The Painter of the Eiffel Tower - Paris, 1953

Turquie, 1955

Construction of hydropower plant in Turkey. Photography by Marc Riboud.

Ghana, 1960

anotherafrica: “Youth swan diving on a summer day by French documentary photographer Marc Riboud, in Guinea

Algérie, la Mitidja, 1963. La grande majorité des algériens étaient analphabètes. Ici, pour que les ouvriers d'une entreprise puissent élire leurs représentants, ceux-ci arborent des numéros.

Marc Riboud -The vast majority of Algerians were illiterate. Here, for the workers of a company to elect their representatives, they wear numbers

Afghanistan, 1955

Marc Riboud :: Khyber Pass road, Afghanistan, 1956 / more [+] by this photographer

Ghana, 1960

Marc Riboud – Page 75 – Polka Magazine

Japon, 1958

“Woman engineer at Anshan canteen, China, 1957 © Photo by Marc Riboud ”

Huang Shan, 1985

by Marc Riboud Huang Shan, Here, a sage goes into ecstasies in front of the beauty of these summits, at the heart of Chinese painting from the Song era. On this shot, he shows of the finger the summit called by the Chineses "I am beginning to believe.