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two women walking down the street holding hands and talking to each other with people in the background
35 looks de Blair Waldorf si iconiques qu'ils nous obsèdent encore ! - Les Éclaireuses
a woman standing next to a brick wall holding a purse and looking at her cell phone
The Best Fashion Moments on 'Gossip Girl'
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Ed Westwick, Taylor Momsen, Gossip Girl Fashion Jenny, Gossip Girl Outfits Inspiration, Gossip Girl Jenny, Gossip Girl Series, Jenny Humphrey
PHOTOS: A Look Back At The Fashion From 'Gossip Girl'
a woman in a red sweater and black skirt standing with her arms crossed, looking at the camera
Gossip Girl (2007)
a woman is sitting on the steps with her hat in her hand and looking at something
Gossip Girl School Style - It's A Dull Life
a woman is walking down the street with a book in her hand and holding a coffee
The 14 Worst 'Gossip Girl' Fashion Moments
Shirts, Outfits, Clothes, School Fashion, Vetements, Gossip Girl Uniform, Moda
Gossip Girl School Style - It's A Dull Life
20 fois où Gossip Girl nous a donné l'envie de vivre à NYC
Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Gossip Girl Serena, Vestidos, Diana
15 Gossip Girl Wardrobe Secrets That Even Die-Hard Fans Don't Know
two women sitting on steps talking to each other
The Best Fashion Moments on 'Gossip Girl'
four different pictures of women in skirts and blouses on the street, one is wearing red shoes
Moda: Você já ouviu falar em estilo PREPPY??
Vogue, Dress Codes, Old Money Aesthetic
The Best Fashion Moments on 'Gossip Girl'