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"Get Out" neon by Tim Etchells

texturism by tim etchells << interesting, I recently heard that the most common line in movies is "get out of there!

Art de la feuille dor feuille dor et blanc par SweetHomeHumidity

Acrylic painting with gold leaf accents, with a glass-like resin coating that adds a glossy shine to the art. The coating works to bring out all of the nuances of the color and to accent the gold leaf!

For the love of white. Simply white. White light. White Moss

White typography neon light on white wood panel. Gorgeous and I love the irony of the word black with the color.

Parler d'art de toutes périodes et tous horizons.

Invasions - Charles Pétillon, An art installation with white balloons invading public space. A weird balloon cloud passes through a white painted basketball hoop.