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a person holding up a drawing on top of a piece of paper with buildings in the background
Seas the day original drypoint etching print
a piece of paper is hanging on a wire fence
a small box that is on the side of a brick wall
Paulo Moutinho 14 tridimensional
a brick wall with a painted mailbox attached to it's side and an image of a building on the front
a drawing of a building with two windows
a drawing of two buildings with windows and doors on each side, one has a street light in front of it
Handprinted Studio 2019
an oxo vegetable packet sitting on top of a table next to a pair of scissors
Jenny McCabe Artist | Printmaker
a piece of paper hanging from a clothes line with birds on it's side
Jenny McCabe Artist | Printmaker
someone is cutting out paper with scissors and some type of object on it's surface
Printing with Boxes
a piece of art that has been altered to look like a tree
paper cut out with birds and flowers on top of the floor next to each other
Jenny McCabe Artist | Printmaker
cut out paper with birds and flowers on it next to paintbrushes, scissors and pencils
Jenny McCabe Artist | Printmaker