1 chambre pour 2 enfants, la chambre de nos filles !

1 chambre pour 2 enfants, la chambre de nos filles !

IKEA loft bed steps with storage- awesome idea! Bedroom kids home decor design storage

Boîtes décoratives en caisses de clémentines

7 idées géniales pour récupérer vos caisses de clémentines vides

On optimise l’espace en utilisant des bacs en plastique que l’on fait coulisser sur des rails en bois fixés au plafond du garage. De quoi ranger tout le matériel de sport, jeux de plage, piscine gonflable…

20 astuces pour tout ranger

Over head storage idea Simple DIY Storage Ideas, A chunk of plywood cut into strips, a couple pieces of and a few screws. that's all it takes to turn overhead space into organized storage!

La cabane pirate - Momes.net

It's not just a cubby house it is an innovative concept to create DIY Rustic Wooden Pallet cubby houses for your little kids. Items which are manufactured from

Aménagement étagère sous escaliers

Quel meuble sous escalier choisir?

Shake My Blog | Des rangements pour les livres d'enfants

Des rangements pour les livres d'enfants

Wagon Bookshelf: I love this idea, and it can be used for much more than children's books. This would be cute in the play room or beside the children's beds.

10 idées de rangement pour #Lego #mamanlanuit

Is finally finished!It's not really Lego room, but more accurately a family/play room that happens to contain a lot of Legos :)Mike built the…

Mamans - 10 idées de rangement pour Lego

How to Build a Lego Table for Your Children: How To Build A Great Lego Table , for one day when we have a playroom and I don& have to worry about Legos being all over my living room