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a horse is standing in front of a barn
paddock | Listen To Your Horse
Best Paddock Surface Footing for Rainy Climate | Listen To Your Horse
two horses are standing in the dirt behind a fenced in area with red bricks
Offenstall, Aktivstall, Gruppenauslaufhaltung - Ridcon Pferdesport
a horse laying down in the sand inside an enclosure
Unser Paddock Trail
Anfang des Jahres 2012 wurden wir auf das Paddock Trail Konzept aufmerksam und waren sofort davon begeistert. Wir wussten seit dem Moment, dass wir diese natürliche Haltung auch für unsere Pferde umsetzen wollen. Nach einiger Zeit der Planung konnten wir bereits einige Ansätze des Paddock Trail Konzeptes umsetzen.
there is a man standing on the ground next to some metal grates and an image of his feet
Barn Store
.::Barn Pros::. Traditional, Wood Horse Barn Kit Packages
an info sheet describing the different types of plants and how they are used to grow
Illinois Valley Soil and Water Conservation District
the floor mat is being cut and placed on top of another piece of black material
Stall Flooring: Horse Stalls and Flooring: Stall Mats and Rubber Pavers
Stall Flooring: Horse Stalls and Flooring: Stall Mats and Rubber Pavers
the layers of rock are labeled in this diagram
Managing Mud on Horse Farms
Mud Management commonly used in horse paddocks, also works great in Goat dry-lots to keep small fenced areas free of plant material and mud.
an image of a mattress with instructions on how to use it
Account Suspended
HoofBase Mud Solution, from $1.25/sq ft, but probably would use the $1.75/sq ft option.
two horses laying in the sand near a fence
Welcome | Paddock Paradise
three horses in a fenced in area grazing on grass and trees, with fog behind them
a close up view of a red rubber floor
An Unexpected Error Occurred
Rubber aisle pavers for the breezeways.