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a drawing of a woman walking down the street with stamps on her back and in front
stamp stacking
two people holding a surfboard in front of a map
Collage Made From Postage Stamps Aloha Friday — Sian Robertson Art
an image of people standing on top of a giant blue and white piece of paper
The Unexpected Humor of Ellsworth Kelly
a drawing of a woman with a blue hat on her head is shown in an envelope
Envelopes from Axel Scheffler
a drawing of a bird holding a piece of paper in its beak with the words mail pas sae on it
Et si on écrivait un joli courrier
a drawing of a person laying on the ground next to a tree and a house
Vintage Envelope Art was Awesome
an envelope with a drawing of a man holding a giant pencil in it's mouth
Illustres enveloppes !
an old envelope with blue flowers and writing on the front, in french scripting
Love. Luck. Kisses and Cake - The Blog
an envelope is decorated with orange flowers and plants on it's front, while a postage stamp has been placed in the background
an image of a postcard with the words pablo picasso, postcard to jean cocteau,19
two envelopes with pictures of flowers on them and the words, 11 platonic love letters to write for valentine's day for random acts of kindness
11 platonic love-letters to write for Valentine's Day — Naomi Loves
someone is painting on paper with paintbrushes
Holiday Mail Art: 5 Ways to Decorate Christmas Card Envelopes
a postcard with an image of a man holding a woman's hand on it
How to write a letter to a friend —— The fool-proof formula