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I don't like the mini braid but the tutorial for the waterfall part is great. Mini braid would be cool for a hippie or Mermaid costume.

Beautiful hair sun kissed ombre www.spicestyles.com

Red to Blonde Ombre Hair for Long Hair. I think this is my favorite ombre I've seen! I would love to dye my hair these colors if it weren't for my anti-dye/chemical campaign.

Sneakers are suitable for disco, with black things will look amazing.

A nicelooking outfit, perfect for the summer which is approacing fast.

Exclusive look at some beautiful new gloves. Beautiful, comfortable glove for a disco. Especially for you, they make you look very cute.

Hi my names Alice, and my outfit should be on the catwalk because it screams realisticness. The cute matching tie just makes it look.different, and unique.

Skirt to a disco, she is very beautiful and suitable for the pink T-shirt. In this skirt and smite all!

This outfit should be seen on the catwalk as it is a cute vintage outfit! The audience will go wild!

This T-shirt is perfect for the disco or just walk. With it, you will be irresistible.

This beautifull pink shirt it is very striking to the spring time, pink and fresh.

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