Les 5 sens: Le Goûter - Utilise des cartons pour les dents...5 senses Taste. Use egg cartons as teeth. Utile aussi pour des leçons d'hygène des dents.

5 senses taste and February Dental Health Month. Use egg cartons as teeth. Can also be used for dental hygiene lesson.

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Clutter-Free Classroom: Listening Look - classroom management series Another one from CFC.take a photo and make an anchor chart of kiddos doing the "listening look." Whenever they start to get off task, they have a picture of themselves as a reference.

Une fiche outil pour analyser un conte

Une fiche outil pour analyser un conte

Infographique pour les differents types de textes ecrits

Séquence Tri de textes

Teach Your Child to Read - Séquence Tri de textes - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

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A visual model of the tooth that students can use to document their knowledge of teeth during Phase 3 of a Dental Health Project. Students will be able to match parts of the teeth on the diagram of the tooth.