Papercut terrariums miniature plants, makes me want to try adding paper punched leaves to my resin art. Cameron Garland.

Cameron Garland's Tiny Terrariums You Can Hold on Your Fingertip

Cameron Garland crafts tiny terrariums you can hold in the palm of your hand. The intricately detailed cut-paper creations showcase thriving succulents .

papier découpé

by Lisa Rodden. [Image 7 of Week: Oct – Nov I love the simplicity of this piece and how such simple cuts can yield such a great image. It reminds me off the book project and pop-up images. is creative inspiration for us. Get more photo about DIY …

{Dossier DIY} 15 idées à faire avec des galets! - 15 DIY for kids with painted rocks - Moma le blog

{Dossier DIY} 15 idées à faire avec des galets!

Ces créations proviennent d'un livre édité en Allemagne par Topp. Sur le site, j'ai découvert des livres de loisirs créatifs incroyables. Dommage qu'ils ne soient pas vendus en France. Mon allema

These creations come from a book published in Germany by Topp. My allema

Tote bag personnalisé  /! tuto photo un peu succinct

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or pro at sewing, we are sure that these 10 Chic Sewing Projects will surly inspire you!

Aaaaah so freaking cute, JJ would love one

We are all chameleons … Crocheted by Owl_Victorika. Rating: votes cast) Share this awesomesauce: Related posts: Finn’s Pick: Zippy the Crochet Baby Sloth Amigurumi Forget Avocado Toast

Esta decoración no se puede usar,pero es una bonita decoración,se que cuesta y lleva su tiempo,pero vale la pena,tu cuarto estara muy bien decorado,se acabó lo de hacer dibujos y pegarlos,tienes esta manualidad bonita,hazla y mira el resultado.

Mis Workshops en la 6ª Edición DIY Show

Elspeth McLean (@Elspeth McLean) paints ocean rocks with thousands of tiny dots.

How To Make DIY Painted Rocks - 30 Tutorials and Inspirational Diagrams. Click the link under each tutorial diagram for full information. Elspeth McLean ( McLean) paints ocean rocks with thousands of tiny dots.