Décider et avancer

It's your choice to decide whether to drown in your troubles or to courageously survive. the harder the troubles the more spirited you become in the end ~The deeper the mud the more beautiful the lotus blooms~ New Beginnings. I LOVE my new tattoo ☺️

Tatouage femme Fleur de lotus Noir et gris sur Dos

A henna tattoo or also know as temporary tattoos are a hot commodity right now. Somehow, people has considered the fact that henna designs are tattoos.

Beau papillon vecteur matériel motif

A butterfly with musical notes trailing behind it. So beautiful, of course it would be stunning done in quilling!

tatouage-femme-default-26591-0.jpg (620×320)

tatouage-femme-default-26591-0.jpg (620×320)