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a drawing of a jar of strawberry jam
@alice_cottage on Instagram: “I don’t know why but it takes like forever to paint this little jam pot 😕 #wheninitalia🇮🇹 #stickers #stickerart #stickeraddict…”
a carton of strawberry milk on a white background with writing in english and korean
Strawberry milk
three boxes with food on them and one has a spoon in it, the other is a bag
a sticker with an image of a cat on it's back in the air
Minimalist Handmade Jewelry by Freshie & Zero plus Curated Gifts
Playful Blush Cat Sticker | Freshie & Zero
an image of stickers with animals and food on them, including milk, strawberries,
toasted food with different types of meats and vegetables on top of each other
stamps with hello kitty and other animals on them