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a kitchen with wooden walls and black cabinetry next to sliding glass doors that look out onto the outdoors
an attic bedroom with white walls and wooden furniture
Bolig: Fra gammelt landhus til moderne og minimalistisk hjem
a room with wooden floors and a chair in the corner, next to a potted plant
Varmt og lyst drømmehjem i skogen
Lek under taket
an attic bedroom with bookshelves and couch
a room with a bed, rug and pictures on the wall
Studio Of Architecture And Design ◾ Makhno Studio
Chambre d'enfant design
a bedroom with wood paneling and white walls
Gallery of Font Rubi Cottage / Marc Mogas & Jordi Roig - 5
© José Hevia
the interior of a tiny house with stairs leading up to it's kitchen area
Brooke Stephenson - Architecture, Editorial Interior Design + Rental Property Photography
an attic bedroom with wooden walls and flooring
Mikael Bergquist, Mikael Olsson · House for two artists
an attic bedroom with wooden walls and flooring
House Åkerudden, maison au bord d'un lac en Finlande par MNy Arkitekter - Journal du Design
a kitchen and dining room with wooden paneling on the walls, an open window to the outside