I love this idea for a family photo....

We did a silhouette pose of our family like this at sunset (not including the word part) this year at Lake Bronson. It was fun! by mona

fifty-two on friday ~ large family themed pose, you go to look at all the others!! Fun FUN!!

cute idea for a new baby photo shoot. Photography Tips Adorable photo shoot with the bride & groom Valentines day:) cute

Great group pose for more than just a wedding. Could do a word (like "Joy") for Christmas, or the name of a place your visiting (like "Provo"), or even the year for a family pic.

I really like all these photos - cheers for revealing - L.E - with bridal party - absolutely doable with my small wedding party!

what a lovely idea for a photo of mom, dad and baby

I absolutely love this picture! How sweet and lovely! wanessacarolina I absolutely love this picture! How sweet and lovely! I absolutely love this picture! How sweet and lovely!


Réalisez une photo de famille originale !

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awesome family love

Use fun vintage or brightly painted picture frame

Peace & Love

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Mustache Lip Suckers 3wm

i like the frame. Mustache and Lip Photo Props are all the rage right now! They are a fun way to get some creative shots of your friends and family members. They would also be a fun activity for your guests at a birthday party, shower or wedding.